Around the House


Halkidiki has some of the best beaches in Greece. Nikiti is a great base to explorer Sithonia (the middle peninsula) that offers a majestic combination of pine forests & blue waters. It is also nice to tour the peninsula going down the East side (Armenistis, Kavourotripes, Kalamitsi) and coming up the West side (dinner at Porto Koufo and/or sunset at Tristinika/Ethnik).  :

  • Agios Georgios (0min, faces Southwest): Right in front of the house. Nice water, calm & kid-friendly. There are umbrella/chair services at AMO beach bar (in front of the house) and at St George beach bar (400m south)
  • Agios Giannis (4 min drive, faces South): Accessible via the beach road or the main highway. Beautiful blue waters. Tends to get waves around    4-6pm. Services at the Riviera beach bar, otherwise plenty of open space.
  • Koviou (6 min drive, faces West): Right after Agios Giannis on the main highway. Turquoise waters, kid friendly. The hotel at the far end offers beach services.
  • Trani Amouda (10 min drive, faces East): Long sandy beach with blue/green Lots of hotels/cafes offer services.
  • Armenistis (30min drive, faces East): Famous camping in majestic setting with turquoise waters surrounded by pine forest. Offers full services but (due to popularity) requires an entrance fee. Can get very busy noisy.
  • Kalamitsi (40 min drive, faces SouthEast): Last beach on the East side, beautiful deep blue waters, full services at the camping (free beach access from the side), nice “far end of the peninsula” vibe.
  • Tristinika (30 min drive, faces West): Long sandy beach, most known for the Ethnik beach bar atop a small hill with beautiful sunsets and laid back vibe.


  • Day by day (Nikiti): On the main highway close to the traffic light. Coffee, Breakfast, Sandwiches, Pies
  • Arsanas (Nikiti): On the main pedestrian promenade. Modern Greek taverna, probably top restaurant in Nikiti
  • Almira (Nikiti): On the beach road between the house & the pedestrian Traditional taverna with a modern twist
  • Anatoli (Nikiti): On the first street parallel to the beach. Old-school sweet/pastry shop famous for “Ravani w Ntontourmas ice cream”
  • Ksylaki (Nikiti): True Italian Gelateria on the first parallel, a few meters away from Anatoli
  • Mpoukadoura (Elia Beach): Award-winning modern Greek taverna. Beautiful setting with nice sunset. Reservations are strongly recommended – +306944547239
  • Ormos Panagias: Picturesque bay “over the hill” from Trani A few nice restaurants to choose from


  • Velona Bar (Nikiti): On the main promenade, plenty of locals hanging underneath the pine trees.
  • Barkarola (Old Town Nikiti): Picturesque & laid-back bar in the old town. Worth a visit!
  • Ethnic Beach Bar (Tristinika beach): Laid-back beachside vibe all day, beautiful sunsets, and late-night drinks.
  • Manassu (Onirou beach): Restaurant/Beach bar that turns into a party around goes until ~10pm.
  • Molos (Neos Marmaras): A Sithonia staple, stylish & cozy multi-level bar facing the water. Gets busy with the cool crowd around 11p/midnight


  • Sightseeing: just a few minutes from the town centre and just above Nikiti’s main road, stroll around the old stone-built hamlet by the same name, which is watched over by the church of Agios Nikitas.
  • Beach & Summer gear: Vestiario (on the main highway close to the traffic light) sells all kinds of beach/summer gear, clothes, and there is always something useful to buy if you are on a summer vacation.
  • Clothes & Souvenir items: Tribal (two locations across from each other on the road from the traffic light to the beach) sells cool clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, jewelry, traditional Greek items, etc.
  • Pharmacy/ATM/Press/etc: Most useful services can be found on the main highway close to the traffic light or on the main promenade.
  • Honey: Nikiti is home to “Sithon” one of the largest honey-producing collectives in Greece. Visit their shop on the main highway to sample & buy high-quality honey in numerous flavors.